The Alfonso Academy began with our Daytime Program in 2015 with the desire to provide an advanced dance training to those who seek a professional career in dance or who have the flexibility to work during the day on their passion of dance. It expanded to provide an elite Evening Program curriculum for ages 2 to Adult within the same year and continues to expand their class offerings.  In 2016, Alfonso Academy established its pre-professional dance company, New Light Dance Project who has been awarded many top placements in its short existence.  Recently in 2019, Alfonso Academy has expanded to Studio C, in order to fulfill the dire need of more instructional space with a twist of creative flair. Alfonso Academy has cultivated a team of educators to better ensure your child's dance education is not overseen and their dance training is taken to a new level of expectations in all of our programs. No matter what program your dancer participates in, their training and expectations are held at a high standard. Alfonso Academy continues to evolve and provide personalized paths to success for each dancer that walks through their doors in all that they do.

The motto at Alfonso Academy is "Defy and Define". Dance may defy particular confines of the body, but at the same time it defines characteristics within you, your body, and your mind. 


Karen Hubbard, Parent of Graduate '17, Avery White: 

"My daughter Avery participated in the daytime pre-professional program and the New Light Dance Project. Mary and all the staff at Alfonso are AMAZING! Alfonso is like no other dance program around. Each dancer is encouraged to be who they are, and Mary strives to bring out the best in each dancer. It is like a family! Avery’s creativity soared, and her confidence in herself grew tremendously! Alfonso Academy is a loving, nurturing studio, and the dancing is EXCEPTIONAL!! "

Katie Armstrong, Graduate '17

"Being part of Alfonso Academy’s Daytime Program completely changed me as a dancer. I began pushing myself much harder than I ever had in the past. A large part of this was because of Mary Alfonso. She challenged me to be the best dancer I could be by improving my technique. This included hours and hours of ballet classes, as well as a wide range of other dance styles, like contemporary, jazz and modern. As a dance major at a Conservatory, I’ve seen first-hand how the dance world is even harder today, so it’s even more important to be a versatile dancer. She taught me how to become an amazing technical dancer but also the importance of being knowledgeable about dance terminology and movement. Mary provided an incredible amount of support for that I will forever be thankful. She was always there when I needed her. She trusted me and I trusted her and was always willing to give me feedback on my solo while rehearsing. What was also so great about being a part of the Alfonso Academy was every student wanted to be there. Every dancer worked and trained to the best of their ability which created an atmosphere of hard work and dedication. I appreciate being surrounded by people who push themselves to excel in this amazing sport that also nourishes the soul through movement."

Looking back on my life, I can confidently say being part of the Alfonso Academy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I grew confident not only as an artist but also as a human being. Thank you Mary Alfonso! Whenever I walked into your studio, I felt challenged and inspired. You made the studio feel like home."