The Alfonso Academy began with our Daytime Program in 2015 with the desire to provide elite dance training to those who seek a professional career in dance or who have the flexibility to work during the day on their passion of dance. It expanded to provide an elite Evening Program curriculum for ages 2 to Adult within the same year.  In 2016, Alfonso Academy established its pre-professional dance company, New Light Dance Project. The Daytime Program is designed for home school students, blended school programs, and online curriculum students to meet in a fostering environment to develop the whole person, mind, body, and soul. Alfonso Academy has created a team of educators to better ensure your child's education is not overseen and their dance training is taken to a new level of expectations. Alfonso Academy continues to evolve and provide personalized paths to success for each dancer that walks through their doors in all their programs.

The motto at Alfonso Academy is "Defy and Define". Dance may defy particular confines of the body, but at the same time it defines characteristics within you, your body, and your mind.