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2018-2019 Company members



The mission of NLDP is to spread new light about dance in our area on the Emerald Coast as a pre-professional dance company.  NLDP will push the boundaries of how dance is perceived and formulate true artistry from each individual dancer while intensely building their foundation of technique and strength. It will expose students to the world of working for a professional dance company and hold a high standard for each of its dancers. Dancers will work closely with Guest Artists with their training and choreography. All dancers will perform locally, regionally, and at the national level and will build working relations with professionals currently in the dance industry.


The NLDP season is from late August to the end of May with the possibility of attending a Nationals during the Summer to be determined each season. Summers are spent traveling and attending any intensives or workshops in which a dancer was awarded during the season and to continue training in the studio during summer sessions.  

Dancers MUST attend our NLDP Summer Intensive.

Dancers attend 6+ competitions/conventions per season based on the Director's discretion. Past events included Artist Simply Human, JUMP, 24/7, NUVO, Radix, Revive, Dance Makers Inc, Art of Movement, Platinum Nationals,  Streetz, Hollywood Vibe, NYCDA, The Force Dance Tour, The Dance Awards, and more!

Ages 6-18 Dancers are welcome to audition from both the Daytime and Evening Program.

Audition Process and Performance Placement

ALL DANCERS MUST AUDITION to be a part of the New Light Dance Project. Private auditions are available by appointment with the Director if needed. Auditions are class-based and will cover various techniques and genres of dance to better ensure if the dancer is suitable for our company. All dancers will be asked to perform certain performance skills, emote emotions, or create tasks given based on what will be needed for the current dance season’s choreography. Dancers are NOT placed on teams but are invited to be a part of the company.  Dancers will be cast by the Director and grouped according to her authority. All dancers whom make company will be placed in group numbers Any duo/trio or solo must be invited by the Company Director, NO EXCEPTIONS.  If your dancer is NOT invited to do a duo/trio or solo he or she & parents may schedule a meeting with the Director to further discuss his or hers’ progression plan.

Rehearsals occur in the evenings and weekends. All NLDP company members are required to attend Ballet and Pointe (if eligible) on a weekly basis. All dancers MUST be in the appropriate techniques classes with the genres performing each week.