Dance Education Curriculum:

·      Ballet/Pointe

.      Repetoire

·      Jazz

·      Modern/Contemporary

·      Improv Lab

·      Dance Composition/Creative Process (choreography)

·      Dance History/Dance in Culture

·      Technique Focus Lab

·      Kinesiology Basics for Dancers

In addition, some lessons will be incorporated in other subjects such as learning to professionally critique dance and audition etiquette and expectations. Dancers will also learn how to create and brand yourself in a professional setting and working on the development of artistry and voice in dance.


Our audition only Pre-Professional Daytime Program gives serious dancers the opportunity to receive the dance training they desire without the requirement to obligate them on nights and weekends unless participating in New Light Dance Project. In addition, we offer 2 enrollment tracks to allow each student to select an academic learning path that suits their individual needs and learning style. Our Daytime program is designed to help each dancer excel their growth process in a more intimate and one- on- one instruction.


Track One:

Pre-Professional Daytime Dance Education Program ONLY

3 DAY PROGRAM Tuesday – Thursday or 

4 DAY PROGRAM Monday – Thursday

1pm– 4pm

Track Two:

Pre-Professional Dance Education Program & Academic Studio

Minimal academic support and monitoring for established homeschoolers and online learners using an approved curriculum and platform (i.e. Connections Academy, Florida Virtual School, etc.).

3 DAY PROGRAM Tuesday – Thursday or 

4 DAY PROGRAM Monday – Thursday

9am – 4pm